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Lilly Camp


Lilly left her hometown of Los Angeles, CA for the freezing cold of Rochester, NY at 18– she wanted to see snow (she saw lots of it). She studied fiction writing for fun and political science with eyes on law school, but in 2015, when she graduated, felt the socio-political world was headed in a great direction, and it was safe to pursue her passion– writing plays, film, and television, instead (she now says "but plays, film, and television change the world, too!").

At NYU's Dramatic Writing MFA program she embraced being the queer writer in the room with work like her NYU Monologue Festival staging of "I Can't Cum," about a woman who can't masturbate through a breakup, her 10-Minute Theatre Masters Finalist play Mostly Naked, about the delicate intimacy of a gay woman and her straight friend changing in a locker room, and her full-length Couch Nights, which received a reading through Theatre East as part of New York City Pride 2017. A later iteration of this play, Best Friend/Person/Girlfriend, won the Rita Goldberg Play Prize in 2018 (the title has since been changed to Relationship Status and will remain as such. Maybe).

Lilly is currently producing a fictional comedy podcast Hairy Legs Hannah’s Feminist Quarter-Hourwhich was a finalist at the Austin Film Festival. She is also working on a new play, based on her relationship with her mother and her comedy career, and making short films with her friends. She lives with her roommate and occasional writing partner in Brooklyn. In her spare time she runs half marathons, makes latte art in a bougie specialty coffee shop, and goes to therapy (when she can afford it).



New York University Tisch school of the arts

M.F.A. Dramatic Writing
Graduated May 2017


University of Rochester

B.A. Creative Writing/Political Science
Graduated May 2015


2018 Rita Goldberg Play Prize
2017 DDW Outstanding writing in TV and Play AwarD
2017 Tisch future screenwriters Scholarship
2017 Austin Film Festival Semifinalist
2017 LA Indie Film Festival Finalist
2017 LA Femme Film Festival Finalist
2017 Fusion Film Festival Finalist




Brooklyn, NY



 Art by Deepti Sunder

Art by Deepti Sunder

Co-written with Francisco Mendoza

In this new radio program created by Woke City's Ministry of Progressive Affairs, feminist tweeter/Social Justice Warrior Hairy Legs Hannah tackles issues of discrimination, inequality, and free speech to teach kids about the liberal agenda– or she would, if she had any interest in following the script read by the white, cisgender male narrator. With her roommate/rival Shaven Legs Shawn constantly trying to steal her spotlight, and her sister Astounding Ashley undermining her at every turn, Hairy Legs Hannah may not be the hero Woke City needs, but the one it deserves.


Relationship Status

Full Length Play

Formerly known as Best Friend/Person/Girlfriend, Relationship Status introduces us to Elle Summers—a “walking college application” to most people, “loser” to some—who can’t wait to trade suburban Los Angeles and an abusive mother for Harvard and grown up conversations. That is, until her friend Matthew Durand asks her to be the “clean-up crew” to his soon-to-be ex-girlfriend Haley Moore and what begins as an awkward evening of crying turns into Haley and Elle spending every moment together. And maybe more? That depends on who you ask. Tackling sexuality, high school culture, and social media obsession, Relationship Status shows us how coming of age in the Internet era hasn’t gotten any easier.

Production History

  • (Former draft– Couch Nights) Reading by Theatre East on June 19, 2017 as an official NYC Pride Event, directed by Judson Jones, starring Emily Verla, Kelsey Sheppard, and Ben Dawson.
  • NYU Rita Goldberg Play Prize; April 27th and 28th. Directed by Alex Keegan.



Hour Drama Pilot

Lulu Simmons, a naïve, recently bullied young Jewish girl, starts high school at a mixed-gender LA Valley Catholic institution after being called a dyke at her public middle school.


Comic book artist and longtime “spirit guide” to bi-curious girls’ first foray into lesbianism, Logan has just been left at the altar when her comic "superhero" rendition of the event goes viral and she suddenly has a chance at a graphic novel deal. Living as the Lesbian Spirit Guide in real life is less than glamorous; Logan still clearly hopes her spirit guidees will fall in love with her– especially her new editor of her graphic novel.


The Lesbian Spirit Guide

Half Hour Comedy


Mostly Naked

Ten Minute Play

When two friends change in a locker room, they are forced to confront the politics of nudity and Elle, who is openly gay, is challenged by Karley, who is straight, to relieve her insecurities by stripping down, literally.

Production History

  • Staged reading in the NYU Tisch 10-Minute Play festival in 2016.
  • Produced by the Torrent Theatre Company in July 2017.


  • Finalist at the 2016 Theater Masters Festival.



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